Posted by: hmchang | July 30, 2010

Gadget: Amazon Kindle … now 139USD!

The new 6” Amazon Kindle (WiFi only) is aggressively priced at 139USD. The 6”  WiFi+3G version is 189USD – the 3G network goes around the world. This means that you would not need to deal with local 3G network provider to hook on to the internet when you travel around the world. I think this is a very attractive function for those who do a lot of international travel. Of course, the Kindle, unlike iPad, is more a e-book reader. The internet function is only a supplement function for e-book download, but it can also access google services and other major newspaper resources that makes it very attractive to business personal. I would love to see how the e-book world will evolve in the next few years! Things seem to be getting really interesting now~

What I like about Kindle:

  • Reflective display, easier for book reading
  • Light and handy
  • Long battery life (1 month without WiFi on)
  • 3G version is international and essentially free of charge
  • Built-in PDF reader!!

What I dislike about Kindle:

  • Black and white
  • The response is kind of slow
  • Can’t read in the dark (cuz it’s reflective)

More info about the new Amazon Kindle~



  1. I don’t care !
    I just need a Apple logo and apple juice.
    The Apple logo give me the lastest fasion.
    I don’t care !

    So many people watch me ,because I just had a Apple logo.
    If a trash can is printed Apple logo, it lead the fasion in trash can filed.
    I don’t care !

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