Posted by: hmchang | January 19, 2010

Info: 2009 Top 25 Fabless IC Suppliers

EETimes today has an article on 2009 Top 25 fabless IC suppliers, in which MediaTek from Taiwan has become the 4th largest in the world. Also, AMD takes the second position after spinning off its fab facilities. Qualcomm and Broadcom are still on top of the list. Notably is that Qualcomm, Broadcom and MediaTek all play important roles in the cell phone/mobile computing market. That is indeed where most demands are now.

Also notable, in the top 5 list, nVidia’s revenue has been dropping for two consecutive years – making MediaTek, who sustains its growth, takes over its original ranking in 2009. MediaTek is among the very few companies who still grow in revenue despite the global economic slowdown.

Other Taiwanese companies are also doing quite well. Since many US/Japanese/Europe companies have fab or are fab-lite, they are not listed in this ranking. The ranking for IC suppliers in general should look quite different.

EEtimes 2009 Top 25 Fabless Supplier

EEtimes 2009 Top 25 Fabless Supplier


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