Posted by: hmchang | December 8, 2009

Fun: Yo-Yo Ma @ Santa Barbara

Last night (Dec. 7), Yo-Yo Ma came to Santa Barbara to perform, This was part of the celebration for the 50 years of UCSB Arts and Lectures. It is interesting to know that the first time Yo-Yo Ma performed in Santa Barbara was at the UCSB Champbell Hall — 30 years ago when he was only 25.

I would say Yo-Yo Ma is one of the artist who came frequently to Santa Barbara. Last time I heard his live performance was in my first year of UCSB, for the Silk Road Ensemble. It was a very interesting performance but since he was only a member of the whole group, he did not play that much.

The performance last night was Yo-Yo Ma’s solo. He played three Bach’s cello pieces — it was amazingly beautiful, joyful and well done. He clearly demonstrated his cello skills from all perspectives and it is astonishing to see how he can play so well in all three long pieces. (total about 1.5hours). What I also noticed is that there are many different sounds and skills when playing cello that I have not seen before. He is skillful to integrate them into Bach’s pieces. Bravo!

The ticket was 25USD for students. It was sold out early in the quarter I didn’t get a chance to get one. However, since one of my Japanese classmate’s friend cannot go, I got a last minute chance to be there. I would say it is a pretty great deal consider to hear a live legend playing.

What a joyful evening.


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