Posted by: hmchang | May 19, 2009

Money: Categories for Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom is one of the most popular cash back credit cards  among my fellow friends. It provides 3% cash back on the top three daily purchase. Although I have used this card for a period of time, I always wonder whey I didn’t get as many cash back as I expected. As I tried to search for the categories, I found this:


  • gas stations/convenience stores;
  • grocery stores;
  • department stores;
  • drug stores;
  • fast food and quick service restaurants;
  • movie theaters;
  • movie rentals;
  • dry cleaners;
  • health clubs & gym memberships;
  • beauty salons and spas;
  • pet supply stores and veterinarians;
  • mass transit and local commuter expenses;
  • telecommunications;
  • utilities; and
  • cable/satellite TV and Internet bills.

So the point is that I didn’t use many of these categories so many of my spending only has 1% cash back. The top three categories for me are usually:

  • Gas & Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Quick Service Restaurants

in which I usually spend less than 100USD so the bonus earnings are quite little! Therefore, my little conclusion is that, based on my pruchase habit,  it is not that rewarding for me to use this credit card.


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