Posted by: hmchang | November 23, 2008

Life: Types of Places for Friends Gathering

One of the the funniest activities for students who study abroad is to get together and enjoy some food. Whatever it is just regular gathering or celebrating for graduation, birthday, etc, enjoy delicacy with a group of friends is always fun. To make our own food such as having BBQ, hot pot, or pot luck events are all very interesting. On the other hand, eating at restaurants are another fun.

The choice of restaurant for gathering depends not only on what types of food these group of people love but how many people there are. There are very American style restaurants that serves pizza, pasta, fried food, and all kinds of soft drinks (like “T.G. I.Friday” in Taiwan).

There are also American style restaurants that severe dishes such as burgers, steaks, sandwiches. We generally share appetizers and desserts but would order and have our main dish.  For more than 4 people, I generally won’t choose such restaurant since the bill would need more computation to split the bill (counting individuals’ order). Additionally, many restaurants add mandatory 15~20% tips to the bill for 5+ people party.  However, for less than 5 people, I generally enjoy going to such restaurant.

When there are around 8~10 people, I enjoy going to Chinese restaurants and order a diverse type of food to share. Sitting around a round table and share foods seems to be a typical Chinese style gathering. This kind of style is also what I enjoy. People sitting around the table should have opportunity to talk to all of them around the table, not just someone sitting next to each other. Nevertheless, for 2~3 people, the dishes may be limited so order individual dishes may be an option.

Thus, depending on number of people and events, there are restaurants choices to consider. A good gathering place would foster good discussion and warm up the gathering. By having every participant enjoy the gathering in mind, we could choose a proper restaurant.


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