Posted by: hmchang | November 22, 2008

Research: Still making the same mistake

I made same mistake again, even after my mentor in my summer job told me to avoid it, otherwise my research career would be jeopardized.

I have the tendency to link the result from a cause by finding a seemly reasonable logic between them. Guessing the reason behind some phenomenon is sometimes necessary, but would be dangerous in research. For example, in circuit design, if we don’t have solid background to gauge what are the expected output, then we won’t know whether there might be error in the simulation environment setup, or in the parameter entry, or in the device modeling, or any other potential reasons. Only when we know what are the expected result is, a simulation can be meaningful. I should not have blindly run the simulation without knowing what the expected result.

This time, I ran a regression model for parameters A and B and generated decent result. However, I was questioned about why there is a correlation between A and B, which I don’t have a good enough answer. It is especially true for regression that some of the mapping between A and B may be redundant and some may even be disturbing the accuracy of the regression model. Thus, making sure how A and B are correlated should have been my first step. Again, I took the good regression result for granted without understanding the reason behind that.

This must be one of the reasons why my doctorate career is still in jeopardy.


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