Posted by: hmchang | January 10, 2008

Money: Saving more on gas

When I first came to US three years ago, the regular grade gas price is around 2.5USD/Gallon. Nowadays, the cheapest deal I can find at the Santa Barbara region is around 3.2USD/Gallon, which means a 30% increase! As my salary do not increase as fast and nor does any of my investment go that fast, finding ways to save more money on gas expenses would be attractive to me.

A recent article in the Yahoo! Personal Finance helped answer my long-time question: “Will bargain gas harm your car?“. The short answer is “No”, since all the gasoline on sale need to meet certain regulations. Since I always go for the cheapest available gas I can find, this information may not help me save more money, but it definitely gives me more confidence in buying those bargain gas.

I have carefully kept accounting on my expenses in year 2007. According to my analysis, the majority of my expenses goes into housing. The second largest portion is what I called “transportation” cost: gas, car insurance and car maintenance fee.  If possible, taking public transportation or bike to work can effectively save me a lot of money – and it’s more environmental friendly. 


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