Posted by: hmchang | November 16, 2007

Gadgets: Website Environment

There are several ways to build & test your own website on a Windows computer. In the past few years, I have exposed to PHP and find the server tool “Appserv” very easy to install and use.

In the Appserv package, Apache server with PHP models and MySQL are combined to create an excellent environment for PHP scripting. PHPMyAdmin is also available to effectively manage MySQL. The overall experience of using Appserv is fantastic.

Once your website environment is built, there are open source website builders modules (in PHP and many other languages) to fast setup a personal website. For example, PHPNuke is XOOPS are among the popular options for module-based website. For creating blogging environment, I like the WordPress system. If you follow the crowd, it’s not hard to find online tutorial, themes or other supports from the Internet.

Finally, there are several open source Windows softwares that might come in handy. For example, FileZilla is an FTP program that you can used to setup your own FTP site. In the case of remote file transferring, this will become useful.


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