Posted by: hmchang | November 14, 2007

Business: Google’s recent move … Opensocial and Open Handset Alliance

Ever since Google’s interesting way of IPO, the Google company has attracted a lot of attention. First, it beats Yahoo! and Microsoft in the search market. Their advertisement tools provide a successful business model for search engines to gain profits. They also introduce Gmail, one of the most popular web-based email system which keeps increasing their capacity to go out of the capacity war, that challenges Yahoo! and Microsoft’s leadership position (again!) in free emails.

These days, the media has focused on several things related to Google: its historical 700USD stock price, its Opensocial and the Open Handset Alliance. Opensocial is considered as a combat for on the social network battle (mostly about Facebook?). It provides a great opportunity for gadgets developers to deploy their idea onto different social network platforms without the need of changing the script. This means that, in the future, smart people don’t necessary build a whole platform, but they build small gadgets from interesting, crazy ideas and gain as large popularity as any big web company! Almost all big social network players in the group are in the opernsocial alliance. This tells us that standardization is really a big thing and can potentially extremely advantageous.

Open Handset Alliance is considered a formal announcement of the Gphone – a potential competitor for Apple’s iPhone. EEtimes has a great paper on anticipating the functions of a Gphone (see here). Based on their analysis, Gphone will incorporates GPS capability, strong multimedia functionality, voice recognition and optimized web search on a gliding touchscreen and a elegant look. I agree, in particular that those technologies are readily available but no one have really tried to put everything together. It will be very interesting to see how Gphone works in the next few months – hopefully not so long latter.

(added video 2008/1/3)


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