Posted by: hmchang | August 18, 2007

Gadgets: RSS Feed

Days ago, AFUN9999 taught me how to use RSS feed and Google Reader. Yesterday, he sent me a video which further explains the advantages of using RSS feed:

I like this kind of simple and easy to understand video. This video explains the difference between old and new ways of information flow. These days, there are zillions of websites and blogs to gather information. We frequently visit those we think are good or would like to have connection with. Instead of having to search through each of them, a easier way (or lazier?) way is to subscribe to those website and have them “feed” us!

The feeding idea can be found in Facebook since several months ago. Not only latest updates from your friends can be fed into your Facebook portal page, there are all kinds of widgets you can add on to it. This kind of “platform” solution is very attractive since it allows new features and elements for a website – but not necessary from Facebook itself! These features not only strengthen Facebook user loyalty but also brings potential advantages to those widget designers. Similar customized and feeding idea classic is the “iGoogle” . In this Web2.0 era, user gets their control back from portal websites by including the information and services they really want use! These features has indefinitely changing our web-using habits.

It is not the first week for me to know Google reader or RSS feed, but it is until know that I understand the advantages of such technique and its potential impact. This illustrates again there are so many things I should learn. I should embrace more new technologies and know their selling points!



  1. […] Blog: 2007 Blogging Review 2007年台灣網路十大事件當中,部落格的持續發燒以及adsense的大量使用是最大的代表。的確在這一年當中,我注意到了許許多多有深度的部落格,並從中看到了一些不同的見解和角度,另外,我也開始使用Google Reader去subscribe一些部落格的文章,讓閱讀變成一種簡單的動作。當然,我也更加頻繁的在自己的部落格撰寫自己的一些心得與看法,作為生活的點滴記錄,期待能夠給到訪我部落格的人有一些收穫,也給我自己的成長過程留些記錄。 […]

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