Posted by: hmchang | August 8, 2007

Blog: Celebrating Anniversity of Blogging

If you take a look at the log on my blog-writing, you might know that my first posting here was on August 9, 2006. This means that I am now celebrating one year of blogging!!

In retrospect, my blogging time started before using WordPress. But wordpress is probably one of the most beautiful and elegant blogging environment I found. Initially, I was just writing some random thoughts about my plan and my findings during my internship at TSMC in Summer 2006. The blog was quiet a little bit when I go back to U.S. One reason is perhaps I forget to write down daily thoughts. Another reason may be life is so boring in U.S. It seems that many of my new posts come from these two months. In this period, I wrote roughly 50% in English and 50% in Chinese.

Let’s see some statics: among 79 posts from Aug. 9, 2006 to Aug. 7, 2007, I wrote 23 articles in Chinese and 46 articles in English! It seems that the most popular topic I wrote about in about life and my personal thoughts. This also tells me how philosophical I am!!

There are several advantages of blogging. First is that I can keep track of my thoughts. Gradually I might find some of my previous philosophy childish. By keeping record, I can look back and see how I have grown. Moreover, I think writing is a really good way to organize thoughts. I used to talk a lot on random topics. Blogging forces me to focus on a simple topic at one time. Although some article still looks diverse, I think I am improving. Finally, practicing writing in both English and Chinese help me review both writing styles and enhance my general language abilities.

I hope to set a goal to write at least 100 new and meaningful posts before the next anniversary. Additionally, I wish to start blogging in Japanese!! The latter may be a bigger challenge for me, but I will definitely try! Although not so many people visit my blog, I will keep writing just to practice and keep it as a record!

Happy Anniversary!!


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