Posted by: hmchang | July 23, 2007

Business: Old Idea, New Look – the Mollie Used book Bookstore

My friend took me to a used book bookstore “Mollie” yesterday (Sunday). I was very surprised about its atmosphere. Traditionally, an used book bookstore is really crowded and hard to find books. There is definitely no spaces for people to stand and read, let alone sitting down! However, this visit to Mollie bookstore really brighten my eye.

First of all, the decoration of this bookstore is follows high-class bookstores in Taiwan, such as the Eslite bookstore. This bookstore is furnished with deep-color woods. The bookshelves was elegant. Although those are second-hand books, they sit on the bookshelves just as if they are on a first time display.

Secondly, the books are generally in good condition but with less than 50% of the recommended selling prices. They chose the type of books they want to buy and sell. For example, they don’t have any computer-related books. I think this is because computer books tends to update so frequently and used books lacks real market value. They also takes a lot of English and Japanese books. I personally bought to DK’s travel book on USA and California! They are both 2006 editions and I think it’s a really good deal!

Finally, there are sits available for you to read!! There are in fact more than just five or ten sits. I think the more people visit the bookstore, the more they will buy. One may think that if there are seats in a bookstore, people will just sit there and finish reading the books they are interested in. In fact, according to my observations, having seats do increase sales. Maybe people have more comfortable time and place to evaluate whether he/she wants to keep the book. Or perhaps one was intended to come to sit and read some books to kill a afternoon but happen to felt in love with some of them and can’t help buying them.

In a competitive business world like the used book market, we really should think out of the box. Mollie has turned itself into a new classic. It is now standing at a different level. There might be more such cases that we should refurbish old idea and decorate them with new looks. One day traditional businesses might revive out of our hands!


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