Posted by: hmchang | September 20, 2006

Research: Creating the Value of a Ph.D.

Now I am on the path of getting a Ph.D. While I still don’t know how long it will take to et this degree, I would ldefinitely like to get it as soon as possible so that I can be more independent and responsible on myself. Ph.D. is a training process and should not that that long if you are dedicated and committed to it. Many people may want to accomplish several things at the same time so they would try to stay longer. Some may switch topics from time to time and never settle down a direction. That will make the Ph.D. process longer, too. Nevertheless, I should not have all the things that may extend the length of my Ph.D. happen.

There are certainly a lot of things to learn in a Ph.D. program. You are still at school and you can utilitze what you get here – the sports utilities, the performance, the classes, student clubs and all kinds of activities.However, these works will distract you from your research work. A sucessful Ph.D. student may utiltize his/her time to get most of the balance out of their school years while graduating within a reasonable length.

There is no strict requirement on how long it will take to do a Ph.D. There are some implicit ones but not much. To be qualified for a doctorate degree is not only to get the diploma but you want to have some change in yourself. You should be a totally different people as you were in your masters degree. If, after four years of studies, you are still at the same knowledge/skill level as a MS student, your Ph.D. career is totally a failure.

While your friends chose to work in the industry, you chose to study a Ph.D. You should be responsible to create the value of this degree by yourself. What is the key differences that you can show-off to your friends in four years. It is definitely not that a piece of paper. You might know more people, but who cares? It is in YOU that will make the difference. Will you work more efficiently? Will you be able to take more responsibility. Would you be able to look deeper into things? All these require time and effort – that is what you will need to learn in pursuit of doctorate degree.

In conclusion, you should make the most of your time and your effort toward the degree.


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