Posted by: hmchang | September 19, 2006

Research: Focus

Staying focus is really a hard thing to do. What I mean here is to not only stay focus on one thing at a time but also to stay focus on a goal in a period. For example, the most important goal for me is to get the Ph.D. as soon as possible. However, there are courses to take, activities to participate in and interesting skills to learn. If I were to do all these stuffs, I would not have any time!

While what other people are currently doing may be influential. If a group of friend are interested in watching baseball, you might also want to see what’s baseball is like. It is really hard for me to stick to one hobby but I would need to try. For example, I haven’t found anyone who wants to play golf here at SB but I would definitely want to keep the golfing work.

Each person should create his/her uniqueness in a group by showing some in-depth knowledge on how things works. I am always interested in many stuffs but none of them I would be able to explain well.

Staying focus is rather important for a Ph.D. student and I would really benefit a highly-focus habit.


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