Posted by: hmchang | August 10, 2006

Thought: Chien-Ming Wang – NY Yankee #40

Chien-Ming Wang is undoubtedly the most famous baseball player so far in Taiwan history. Besides politicans in Taiwan, there are rarely someone who can take up the cover page of every single main newspapers. Wang did that, Ann Lee did that, and their stories are widely know by every individual in Taiwan.

Taiwanese love baseball. Since the early years when the Hong-Yeh baseball team got gold medal in a world game, to 1992 when Chinese Taipei get the Copper Medel in the Olympics, and even to the World Classics in these years, Taiwanese have never given up their enthusiasm in baseball. Even now, our teenager team still plays very well in the world. They really should deserve a big hand.

It is very hard for a Taiwanese player to stand on the top of baseball region – the main league, let alone being a succeful pitcher. Wang’s good performance is gradually recognized. His success must not be a single day effort. He has been trained to be a pitcher since youth. In fact, I am from the same junior high school as Wang. We were in different class so we never met. While I am still struggling on finding a job, he is shining in the major league. I think his determination brought him today. He doesn’t think much but only do the best in each game. This is him.

In Taiwanese stocitey, children are encouraged to do no other activities other than studying. Getting into good universities are important and highly praised. Many talneted children lost their opportunity to get good performance in fields such as music, performance, art, or sports and follow parents’ expectation to study in a good school. However, entering good school does not at 100% guarantee a very succesful future. From Chien-Ming Wang and Ann Lee’s case, we should think more about how to develop children’s full potential.


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